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Infant Care Class & CPR instruction at Mother Rising in Chardon


Cost $70.00 per couple

Add additional caregivers $35 each (babysitters, grandparents, etc...)

Taught by a Nurse Practitioner & a Registered Nurse with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) experience.

Our education uses guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other trusted organizations.

Every infant care workshop will also include infant CPR Instruction.

We encourage you to also register any other caregivers your children may have, grandparents, nanny, babysitter, etc.

Each workshop will include: hands on learning opportunities, handouts of information, and coupons for baby items.

Infant CPR and Choking (instruction not certification)

Safe sleep practices

Newborn traits: Skin-to-skin contact, newborn procedures, newborn appearance, reflexes, newborn senses, play & development.

Newborn behaviors: States of alertness and how to interact, newborn sleep, room-sharing, gagging and choking, and breathing patterns.

Crying and comforting: Why babies cry, infant crying patterns, comfort techniques, coping with crying,

Feeding: Breastfeeding basics, latching on, when to feed, hunger cues, burping, how to tell if baby is getting enough milk.

Diapering: How-to, diaper rash, diaper options, diaper bag checklist, stool and urine patterns

Bathing, nail care, and dressing: Sponge bathing, tub bathing, water safety, nail care, dressing.

Newborn health: Cord care, intact & circumcised penis care, signs of illness, well-baby visits, jaundice, vaccines, hand washing and visitors, taking temperature, when to call the healthcare provider.

Newborn safety: Car seats, heat stroke and hot car safety, SIDS, safe baby gear, pet safety, siblings, outdoor safety, childcare

Additional resources: When to Call Your Baby’s Healthcare Provider, Car Seat Installation, Baby’s Daily Breastfeeding Log, Baby Supplies Checklist.

Personalized review of your baby registry.

A community for your family: We encourage you make some great connections with other parents during your class!