My baby has a cold!

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It’s that time of year, cold and flu season. As a parent, you can feel helpless and scared when your little one is so stuffy and sick. Kids under 6 years old cannot have over the counter cough and cold medications, they can have dangerous side effects.

So, what can you do? Here are some tips to help make your baby feel better.

  1. Humidifier  Use a cool-mist humidifier (also call a vaporizer) in your baby’s room to help loosen those secretions---to make suctioning easier! Put it close to your child, but not close enough for them to reach.

  2. Suction your baby’s nose When your baby has a stuffy nose they may refuse to eat. Think about it, if you suck on a straw with a stuffy nose, it’s not easy (and not to mention, frustrating!! Use a bulb syringe or a NoseFrida. Use a saline solution such as, Little Remedies, or one that you can make at home using ½ tsp of salt to 1c of warm water. Start with 1 drop in each nostril and suction it out. Your baby won’t like it, so it may be a two person job. Loosen those secretions and suck away! Get those boogers out and your baby will eat much better!

  3. Feed your baby more often! When your baby is sick they may want to eat smaller volumes more often...sorry to say but you may be awake more at night too. It’s ok to ask for help! Remember, if your baby is less than 6 months only feed formula or breastmilk.

  4. Keep their skin soft! Those crusty boogers are no joke! Help your baby’s skin by using a saline wipe, such as Boogie wipes, to gently remove the runny nose residue. You can also try a warm washcloth to wipe their nose. Then, apply a petroleum based lotion such as Aquaphor or Vaseline under the nose.

  5. Treat the fever. A fever is considered 100.4 or higher. If baby is less than 6 months, call your doctor immediately for a fever. Greater than 6 months of age you can use Ibuprofen (infants Motrin) or infant Tylenol. Be sure to check with your doctor for proper dose.

  6. Call the doctor If your baby (less than 6 months) has a fever, call the doctor. Greater than 6 months--if the baby’s symptoms last longer than a week (or a fever for 2-3 days), severe ear pain or retractions (seeing your baby’s ribs when they breath).

We hope these tips have helped you enjoy the winter months with your infant. Remember, the best way to prevent sickness-- WASH YOUR HANDS! Please share this with your friends with little babies this season!

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