Top 5 reasons to hire a postpartum home visit RN


Home visits can bridge the gap between nursery care and primary care. Here are 5 reasons to hire a RN for postpartum visit!

1.  Reducing parent stress and anxiety levels

2.  Improve mother-child interactions and positive stimulation for babies

3. Increased breastfeeding rates! Mothers who were visited by nurses at home were more likely to breastfeed, and they felt more confident about their parenting skills than those seen at physicians' offices.

4. Prevention/early detection of post partum depression

5.  Help parents provide safe and supportive environments for the family.

Providing health-care services through home visit is an effective way to prevention, early detection, and management of postpartum depression. Visits can improve the safety of the home environment! We will assure that our baby is sleeping safely and you have a safe environment for your newborn. Home nursing visits may be a practical way to ensure maternal and infant health after discharge!

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