The importance of your partner


Sometimes during pregnancy the mother is going through so many physical changes of pregnancy its sometimes hard to get your partner to bond with the baby and keep your intimacy strong. Why are partners so important to pregnancy and the baby?

Babies may be born healthier, with lower rates of preterm birth and growth problems. Women who are well supported during pregnancy may be less anxious and have less stress in the weeks after childbirth. You can be supportive by educating yourself about pregnancy, going with your partner to prenatal care appointments, and joining her in making healthy lifestyle choices.

First Trimester

The first trimester can be exhausting. Understanding that the woman needs more rest than usual and she also may feel symptoms and nausea and vomiting, commonly known as “morning sickness”. Mood swings are common. Pregnancy and parenthood are huge life changes, and it can take time for you to adjust. Listen to your partner and offer support.

Second Trimester

Most the time the second trimester (week 14-27) is the time the woman feels the best! Many women begin to feel better physically. Energy levels improve, and morning sickness usually goes away. Your partner will start to feel the baby move. This is when most parents take their childbirth and infant classes.

Third Trimester
The last trimester (weeks 28–40) is typically uncomfortable. It also can be a very busy time as you prepare for the baby. The mother might be feeling discomfort as the baby is growing larger, she may have trouble sleeping and be up many times a night going to the bathroom! It is normal for both of you to feel excited and nervous.

Sex during pregnancy

Unless your partner’s obstetrician or other health care professional has told her otherwise, you can have sex throughout pregnancy.

During Labor

During this time, you can help your partner by distracting her, possbily watching a movie, walking the halls (if she is allowed out of bed), timing her contractions, massaging her if she needs, be encouraging and supportive.

Hiring a Doula

Doula support can be beneficial to offer physical and emotional support during labor to increase comfort (massage, breathing, encouragement) and suggestions for optimal positioning. They are there to assist with breastfeeding and give you the support you need when this time can be unpredictable.

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