Safe Swaddling Tips


Why do we swaddle babies? Think about how the baby was inside mom, cuddled tightly. Swaddling a baby can help the baby calm if they are fussy. Babies also sleep better if they are swaddled! Harvey Karp’s Book: The Happiest Baby on the Block shows this with one of the 5 S’s is swaddling.

While swaddling is so important, it is critical to make sure your baby is swaddled safely.

Always lay baby on back.

NEVER lay on baby on her stomach to sleep—-especially not while swaddled!

Nothing in baby’s crib

A bare crib is a safe crib. Do not put stuffed animals, loose blankets or even bumpers on her baby’ s bed as they can be a hazard for suffication.

When there are signs of rolling, it's time to stop swaddling.

Once your baby starts to roll, you want to make sure they can move their arms and legs so its time to stop swaddling. If your child likes to be swaddled there is a wearable blanket option.

Make sure the swaddle is securely wrapped.

The baby should be swaddled tightly to reduce the risk of the fabric covering the baby’s mouth or nose.

Avoid sleeping with your baby

Do not share a bed with your baby. Suffocation risk increases by 5 times. We recommend your baby sleeps in a bassinet next to your bed.

Avoid overheating.

Keep your room between 68-70 degrees. To avoid overheating, baby should be dressed in just lightweight pajamas or a bodysuit underneath the swaddle.

Do not tightly swaddle your baby's hips.

Your baby should be able to freely move and flex his/her legs.