Why Choose Baby Beginnings?

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Although infant classes offered in the hospital are a great resource to the families, they are usually offered AFTER you have the baby and are only at specific times. The goal of Baby Beginnings, LLC is to reach the families BEFORE the baby is born, to catch you while you are rested and able to retain information.

Relaxing and Interactive
Our classes are offered in a relaxing, spacious environment and are interactive. Evidence based research has shown that infant education classes decrease stress, increase confidence, and gives parents a stronger belief and competence in their ability to care for their infant. We want our families to be well prepared and ready for the miracle of birth and having a baby!

Includes your whole family
We encourage multiple family members & caretakers to attend if they so choose. If our class time doesn’t work for you, set up a private class in your home!

Infant CPR instruction
In addition, Infant CPR and what to do if your infant is choking are INCLUDED in all of our classes.

Extended Services

Our services also extend to after the baby is born. We offer postpartum visits to your home at your convenience. This visit is a more specialized visit based on the families needs. Our visit includes infant care, postpartum care for the mother, feeding issues (breastfeeding AND bottle feeding), assess safety in the house, and Infant CPR/Choking.